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Brilliant stuff, and great use of the "booby" tag. If you're not already getting a lot of work, you should be.

This is a great use of minimalism in your drawing style. It's not terribly subtle, but it's playing to your strengths. Could definitely be better, but nothing jumps out as all out wrong.

I agree with jago, this could overcome a lot of weaknesses by simply being more detailed. I'd also probably do another ink pass in general, because the line work is terrible inconsistent and faded in some places.

Looking at some of your past work, I'd say black and white is definitely your strong suit. I understand the need to experiment, but you should always put your best material out into the wild.

Great idea, mediocre execution. Keep working at it, and I think you'll get past any and all current issues.

NobodiesHome responds:

Yeah, I agree with both of you. I rarely use color...I gotta try though.

All of these show great attention to detail, and I could definitely see this as an actual cartoon or comic, which is exactly what I want out of good concept art.

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Just great work. This is the kind of stuff you see behind the scenes on a cartoon DVD. Love, love, LOVE the conceptual badge, as well as the wrists on the police dogs.

I... I want this in my life. They're so stupidly badass. Near perfect character design, with great use of anatomy and original ideas.

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Flowers10 responds:

Hahaha, thanks for all the comments man. glad u like it;)

Background's a bit sloppy, as is the water, but the main attraction is totally metal. Very good job.

Even the softer paint look that I usually don't like works really well here. I'm part of a pop art gallery in Asheville, and this looks like the kind of thing that sells like hotcakes over there. Beautiful.

I also 100% agree about the saturation, and your author's comment is the best I've seen on this site.

BugsAndBooks responds:

Hello Mr. Flash
and thank you very much for your review and the starry things.

Oh my, I have to consider moving to Asheville then ^^
Although I guess the gallery-folks wouldn't appreciate my weird social behavior as soon as there was a vernissage ;)

I'm very happy you like the painting even with the softer paint. Just you wait, I might make it one of my life goals to drag you to the soft side, muwahaha!
Also thanks a bunch for your kind words on my description. To be honest, I never planned on going on for so long but as it is with things you truly love, you tend to get carried away. But well, I don't mind getting swept along by great teachers and the marvelous things they help me understand.

Best wishes and may you have a glimpse at the milky way tonight

The rough line style isn't bad, but doesn't work here and there, specifically on the legs. Part of that problem is that the legs appear a big squished, as if you were fighting for room on a page. The right eye seems to be a hair too far from her nose. Background feels a bit lazy, and (for me) the glowing is off-putting.

That said, this is also not to my taste, so this is all super objective. Good character design, but it feels like a rough sketch that could be a lot more with some polish.

Wabaki88 responds:

Looks fine to me.

Very rough, but for its purpose not bad. The green ring is ugly as sin, his ear looks a bit too wide, chin and neck appear to be fusing together, and the necklace is poorly drawn. That said, it's not overwhelmingly bad or anything, just a little haphazard in execution. Easily made better with a little more time and thought.


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